It all started with Diet Coke…

A few years ago, before having babies of my own, I suffered a lot with headaches as well as occasional mood swings; feeling down or anxious for no apparent reason.  For the most part I put it down to my stressful job but Marcus put the headaches down to an article he’d read about Diet Coke and aspartame.

I used to drink a lot of Diet Coke, mostly at the office, around 2 litres every single day, which is surprisingly easy to do – just two of those small bottles and that’s a litre already, add a can with lunch and that’s almost a litre and a half without even thinking about it.  Marcus challenged me to give up Diet Coke and, not wanting to be outdone, I agreed.

WOW, was that HARD.  I was completely addicted and ‘coming off’ was not easy; in fact it took me several attempts and it scared me how addicted I was.  I reasoned that it had to be the caffeine, but no, even the caffeine free version was the same.  But what I did notice was a huge improvement in my mood and my headaches disappeared.  It was only then that I started reading up on aspartame (neuro toxins anyone?!) and it astounded me what an effect one drink could have on my overall wellbeing.

Needless to say I stopped drinking the stuff, and I started to gradually become more aware of what was in the foods and beverages I was consuming.  I started to read labels.  And trust me, once you start reading labels, not only will it take you an absolute age to get around Tesco, but you will be absolutely astounded and the amount of unrecognisable and just plain unnecessary ‘stuff’ is in the food you eat every single day.  It’s actually crazy. Read the label on a loaf of bread…exactly my point.

That awareness accelerated massively once I fell pregnant with Eden; I just felt very strongly that I did not want to have ‘chemicals’ interfering with the development of my baby.  It was then that I realised – If my body can build a brain and everything that a human brain is capable of, a heart that will beat potentially for the next 90 years or more, muscles and hormones and eyes and nerves, all based on the nutrients my body has absorbed (how awesome is that btw) – why is it so crazy a concept that the food we eat can mess things up and make us systemically unwell?  Especially when it’s loaded with man made chemicals.

That is why I named the site Eden’s Daughter; because having my daughter Eden set me on a path to finding my passion.  And also because that passion leads me towards getting back to a more natural and holistic lifestyle like it was in the beginning; a daughter of Eden.

And so that’s where it all started, with Diet Coke and with Eden.

I’m still learning, still reading, still changing.  But I found a passion I never knew I had and I’d love to share it with others.