DIY Hydrating Hair Treatment

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It’s a DIY hair mask kinda day today; it’s rainy and cold outside so the kids and I are snuggled up in the warm.  Not to say that I wouldn’t go out with my hair like this – I do actually, quite often, because I’m a mum and ‘glamour’ is definitely NOT my first name.

If you wanted to you could mix this up in a bowl.  I don’t.  I just estimate the quantities straight into my hand.  It saves washing up.  It’s no fuss and it does the job perfectly, so why complicate it?

About the ingredients:

Aloe vera and vegetable glycerine are natural humectants, meaning they draw water into the hair shaft to leave it plumped and hydrated.  The conditioner provides protein to repair and therefore prevent water loss to keep hair hydrated for longer.  The oils seal in moisture and provide softness – I use a mixture of coconut and rosehip; these are penetrating oils that won’t sit on the hair and make it greasy.  (I also use the rosehip oil on my face daily).


Wash your hair as normal.  Once out of the shower, squeeze 1tsp of natural aloe vera gel into the palm of your hand. Add 1/2tsp glycerine and rub your hand together.  Distribute from roots to tips – focus on your ends as the driest part.

Squeeze 1tbsp of conditioner into your palm (I use this one) and repeat.

Lastly mix a kidney bean sized lump of coconut oil and a roughly equal portion of rosehip oil in your palm, rub together and coat the hair gently, focusing on the ends.  Your hair doesn’t need to be dripping in oil, otherwise it’ll be too hard to wash out.

You can leave this on for as long as you like – all day and overnight works well.  I just leave it until I’m ready to restyle – sometimes that might be two days.  When you’re ready, wash your hair as normal.  Personally I don’t use shampoo – but whatever works for you.

Let me know how it turns out!

Nat x



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