Homemade Natural Toothpaste Recipe

21475955_10155641364207008_1979624385_nI have been using and making my own toothpaste for some months now, but we have been using fluoride-free toothpaste for many years prior to that.

The reason I switched to homemade was because of the rising price of the brand we were using, plus, just because it was fluoride-free, it didn’t mean that it was particularly natural and it still contained sodium lauryl sulphate (a foaming agent used to de-grease car engines that is absorbed through the skin and mimics oestrogen).  With shop bought natural toothpastes between £3.50 and £5 a tube, whilst still containing fluoride most of the time, I decided to just give it a go.  I have been really pleasantly surprised.

There are many reports and discussions about whether or fluoride is safe.  I do believe that everyone should read up on the subject and come to their own conclusions.  We choose to avoid it because it’s an endocrine disrupter (meaning it disrupts hormones) which is the reason that those with thyroid problems are advised to avoid it.  Hormone disruption is a precursor to cancer, but that aside, once we discovered that prior to 1938 fluoride was sold as rat poison, it took the appeal off of putting it in our own, or more importantly, our children’s mouths.

Since there is no fluoride in this recipe, it means that this toothpaste is safe for babies, toddlers and children (dependent on the essential oils you use), which is important for our family as well as being safe for those with thyroid issues.

Making your own toothpaste is ridiculously easy.  It’s cheap and it works brilliantly well.

You will need:

  • 40g calcium carbonate
  • 25g bicarbonate of soda
  • 18g softened coconut oil
  • Essential oils of choice for antibacterial purposes and flavour – good ones to use are peppermint, orange, lemon, fennel and cinnamon or a mix of these.  I personally use 15 drops of Young Living’s Thieves essential oil (a blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary) plus 10 drops of peppermint essential oil.


Combine the ingredients in a small bowl and mix well with a teaspoon.  Decant into your chosen jar.  You can use a small spoon or a short lolly stick to scoop some of the paste onto your toothbrush.



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