Coconut Oil Popcorn Recipe

coconut oil popcornOur kids love movie nights, and so do we.  We all just love to watch movies together. Which is a bonus, because when there are so many of you, the cinema starts to become pretty pricey (though Tesco Clubcard vouchers swoop in to save the day when we do go!).

Popcorn made at home tastes infinitely better than the cold chewy and massively overpriced stuff at the cinema.  However, reading the label on the popcorn in a bag you can microwave at home is deflating; it’s full of rancid vegetable oils, E-numbers and artificial sweeteners.  So not worth it.

After a bit of googling a few years ago, I realised it’s really easy to make your own popcorn on the stove using coconut oil, which is perfect for this job.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t taste coconutty at all.

We usually have our popcorn one of two ways; sweet and salt or cheese.  Feel free to mix it up with your own invention though, there’s an infinite number of combinations to try.


  • 1/2 cup popping corn
  • 2 generous tablespoons coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon unrefined sea salt
  • Grated strong cheese about 100g depending on the type / your taste preferences (extra mature cheddar or parmesan work well) or 2 heaped tablespoons of raw honey


Melt the oil over a medium heat in a large cooking pot with a lid. I use a stainless steel one. Add the the popcorn kernels and salt and shake the pot every minute or so to avoid burning.  After a few minutes the kernels will start to pop.  Keep shaking as before until the popping slows to 3 seconds between pops then remove from the heat.  Grate over the cheese OR stir in the honey.  Taste and add more cheese / honey / salt as desired.  Enjoy!




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